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Costas Cotsiolis classical guitarist

Costas Cotsiolis


Thanks to his tours all over the world and his recognition by the audience as well as by the musical critics, Costas Cotsiolis is nowadays considered as one of the greatest guitarists of our time.


Costas Cotsiolis has been art director of the Athens International Guitar Festival since 1978, where more than 9000 students appeared as well as about 400 professors and soloist from all over the world. Many fabulous guitarists started their international career as young talents at this festival.


"Costas Cotsiolis is one of the best performers of my music, probably the best. But also hear him in Mangore, Falla, or Ginastera. Virtuoso playing or sensibility, all in one."

Leo Brouwer


"Costas Cotsiolis is one of the greatest guitarists of our time. Besides being highly acclaimed as a top performer he has established major artistic achievements over the course of three decades of international carreer.

Sergio & Odair Assad

The Vest

"I always like when an interpreter dresses in colors. We need colors in life. So, for this reason I bought two vests and I played lots of concerts in vest.

Many years ago I went to play at the Nürtingen Festival in Germany. On the way from the hotel to the concert hall, Leo Brouwer - who saw me in my vest at the reception - said to me: "Oh, what a nice vest! Do you always play in this?" - "Yes. " - I said and immediately I asked him if he would like to conduct in this vest, because I had anyway another one with me. He said ok, and so we both played in vest at this night.
I've used this vest then - that I gave to Leo - for many years, just like before, playing concerts all over the world.

After some years, I was waiting for the publishing of my record with the Volos Concerto. When I recieved it, I was very surprised because there was Leo on the cover, conducting in my vest! But I couldn't imagine how it was possible, I never gave this vest to him to make a photo! So I called Fa (the producer of GHA Records), to ask her where she found this photo. She said that somebody sent it to her from the Nürtingen Festival. Then I remembered everything and I told Fa the story. It was an interesting coincidence. Leo conducting in my vest and Fa - without knowing the story - used this photo to publish my CD with Leo's Volos Concerto that is dedicated to me."



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